We Will Help You Plan Your Trip And Recommend Secret Spots

We have an excited tourist, cross-country skier, geographer and nature lover in one person - Honza. He not only will help you plan the best route, but he will also tell you where to find interesting plants or rocks. And our little botanist Hubert might tell you about his secret mushroom picking places or reveal where you can find carnivorous plants...

Even Krkonoše Can Be Cheap!

When you say Krkonoše, most people imagine tons of tourists and high prices. But that is absolutely not true. Sometimes just going the opposite direction may reveal views to die for. You won´t even need any money to explore them. Even though Krkonoše aren´t as giant as Alps, there is many hidden gems here. You still have places to explore. Even we are still exploring the forgotten spots which we will be happy to talk to you about. 

Where Enjoy With The Kids?

Since we are parents to two little very active rascals Arnošt and Hubert, we have a lot of tips what to do with your little ones here in any weather. And when the weather is really really bad and you don´t want to leave Adélka, your angels can run and scream here as much as they want. We understand they need to put their energy somewhere :) (well, when we have other guests, I guess we would need to calm down a little, but otherwise let´s engjoy!) :)